About Us

Who are we?

David Hasbani Fashion Design was founded in 1991 and is specializing in wedding dresses as well as custom made evening dresses. Located in the heart of Tel-Aviv Fashion Center, the studio offers designs by David Hasbani, a renowned wedding dress designer in Israel. The dresses are all hand-made on location, and consist of the finest materials available anywhere in the world.

In addition to local customers, David Hasbani has customers from all over the world, some traveling to Israel especially to buy their dream wedding dresses, while others order from their home country and are responsible for any adjustments. Since all dresses are high-end custom-made fashion items, on-line buying is not offered. We go through one-on-one interaction with each customer to assure best results (see the Contact section for further information).

What makes us different?


Our Dress Design.

David Hasbani is considered to be one of the leading designers of Wedding Dresses in Israel. His intelligent designs are unqiuely magnificent, and are especially popular with educated professional women. David's style is a subtle, delicate, classical design with emphasis on the female body curves, which contributes to a sexy spark (one may say that those are the only corners cut in his work...). See the designs in the Collections Gallery


Our Materials and Work.

The common thread in David Hasbani's work is perfectionism in materials and workmanship which manifests itself into the importation of luxurious fabrics from the fashion capitals of the world, and attention to every detail of the finished dress. We don't use cheap outsourced labor as many others do, and our trained and experienced seamstresses ensure that every and each dress meets the highest quality standards. Four fitting sessions ensure that the dress will perfectly fit the bride on her wedding day. Those who purchase the dress from abroad enjoy our expetsize in fitting a dress that will require minimal amount of tailoring ajustments.


Your Shopping Experience.

David Hasbani Fashion Design is known not only for the beauty and craftsmanship of the dresses, but also for the bride's' amazing shopping experience, starting with her first visit to the store, continuing with the fitting sessions, and ending with the preparation of the bride on her wedding day (optional).

"I would recommend David Hasbani Fashion Design to everyone. Getting my wedding dress from them was an incredible experience. I just loved every aspect of it."

Ilanit Dallal, Owner, Indulging Health Massage, Tel Aviv

The People

David Hasbani
Owner & Designer
Zilla Hasbani
Owner, General Manager & Fashion Consultant

David Hasbani. Information about David id given in the the "How" it all Started" section below.

Zilla Hasbani. Zilla is an owner and general manager of David Hasbani Design. She holds an undergraduate degree from Tel Aviv University where she also enrolled in graduate management classes. In addition to being responsible for strategy, marketing, and operational management, Zilla also engages directly with the brides. Her knowledge and talent in wedding dress fashion is unique. In most cases , she needs only one look at the bride to know what dress will fit her best.

How it all started...

David Hasbani Fashion Design was founded in 1991 by David and Zilla Hasbani. Since an early childhood age, David understood that fashion design is the essence of his being, but he did not embark on a professional career at first.

For family reasons David decided to engage in design and painting as a hobby, and after his military service in the IDF, he was admitted to Tel-Aviv University majoring in Accounting and Economics. During his studies, David Hasbani understood that Fashion Design should be the focus of his professional life, and after graduation he started studying Fashion Design, Cutting, and Sewing. From hands-on work in a small studio he evolved to be a leading designer of a major fashion design studio.